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Yes, that wild animal is cute and it will bite you

Yes, that wild animal is cute and it will bite you

Yes, that wild animal is cute and it will bite you.  I am not sure why I am surprised when another story of a person harassing or feeding wild animals ends with that person hurt.  Wild means just that.  An animal no matter how small or apparently defenseless will use all of its weapons to survive.  Even if you think an animal somehow likes you because you are feeding it does not mean it will not interpret one of your actions as threatening.  The latest example of an animal literally biting a human feeding it happened in Tucson this past weekend.   The woman in question was feeding a pack of wild Javelinas table scraps.  She was bitten in the hand.  Fortunately there may have been no lasting damage from the bite.

Javelina have sharp tusks that can lead to nasty woulds.  What makes javelina unique from other new world pigs is they live in family groups.  This can make them more dangerous as the group is likely to have infants or youngsters in the group.  Their response to perceived danger is no different than if your family was in danger.  The Javelina, just like humans, tries to run away from danger but will attack if there is no other alternative.

Wild animals live is in very different and difficult circumstances than humans.  Everyday is a struggle to find food, shelter and protection from predators.  As humans have become more isolated from the natural world we have lost our understanding of how difficult it is for animals to survive.  It is best to appreciate wild animals from a distance. Yes that wild animal is cute and it will bite you.

Here is the link to the article on the woman and what you can do to keep Javelinas from invading your yard.


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