Where is everyone going? 

Here in Phoenix my business partner and I have noticed that the traffic has steadily increased the past two weeks.  When the shutdown first started the lack of traffic on the roads reminded me of the zombie apocalypse.  Only without the zombies.   We were quite literally the one of the only cars on the new 202 westbound.  This past Thursday the I-17 was bumper to bumper going north at 3 pm in the afternoon. HUH! What is going on?

Out for a Sunday Drive?

Are more businesses opening or are people just tired of being at home?  Judging from the number of vehicles on the road I can guess there are people tired of staying at home.  You can only binge on Netflixs for so many hours before you butt starts to hurt.  The same goes with board and card games.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the house.  Last week I spoke to one my siblings.  He told me he took a drive just for something to do.  I can see that if you are driving around your neighborhood.  Do you really need to be on 1-17 at 2pm in the afternoon just to go for a drive?  If you have no place to go then stay off the highways at rush hour.

What Next?

There is growing pressure for Governor Ducey to reopen the economy.  This is in spite of the fact the number of confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise.  Arizona does not meet the CDC guidelines of 14 days of declining infections.  There is risk involved in opening the non-essential businesses.  Are you willing to put your parents, grandparents and young children at risk?  According to the CDC 30% of the deaths from coronavirus has occurred in people from 20 to 45 years old. Another 10 precent in the 6 to 18 year old age group have died.  The choice of course is yours whether you think the risks of contracting the coronavirus and passing it to your entire extended family is worth getting back to work a few weeks earlier.  Where is everyone going?

Written by boxes nearme