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Baby it's cold outside. 

The Jet Stream is a river of high speed air that circulates around the globe.  It keeps the frigid arctic air in Canada and the northern tier states.  A normal winter this is exactly what happens.  Arizona is usually warm and dry when the jet stream stay in the north.  Years when the Jet Stream drops into the southwest we enjoy a cold winter.  

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Winter in Phoenix is.....

Winter in Phoenix is…..wondering if you will need a jacket in the morning when it will be 80 in the afternoon.

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It's finally under 100 degrees in Phoenix WOOHOO!!!!

It’s finally under 100 degrees in Phoenix WOOHOO!!!! After 29 days at or above 110 degrees and 108 days over 100 degrees the weather gods have finally relented. 110 degree days 12 News   While the extremely hot days are behind this does not mean we are finished with the 100 degree day.  October 23, 2003 …

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