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Baseball season is over. Does anyone still care?

Baseball season is over.

Baseball season is over. Does anyone still care?  The world series is over.  Did you watch any games?  Does baseball still capture your imagination?  Will baseball and football survive as the baby boomer generations passes away?  The tv ratings for this world series came in as the lowest in five years.  This could be because of the teams involved.  Small market teams do not have the national following the teams from the east and west coasts enjoy.  the average fan is from the baby boomer generation.  As they pass on there are fewer people replacing them at the ballparks.  Also add to the problem that the cost for a family of four to attend s diamondbacks game is around $120.

There is a disconnect between the baseball teams and the fans.  MLB signed a contract with Fox and Turner sports for $800 million per year for eight years.  MLB also signed a $700 million per year contract with ESPN.  Each team owner would receive about 50 million per year in television money.  The lowest salary on a major league team in $545,000, the veteran minimum.   This is 10x to 25x the average yearly pay for the majority of baseball fans.  At the local level, the Arizona Diamondbacks made $275 million dollars in 2018.

Baseball has a demographic problem.  How many kids do you hear talking about baseball?  How many kids do you know are playing baseball at any level?  How many kids do you know have been to at least one baseball game?  As baseball has become big business they are no longer drawing the attention of the younger generation.  Baseball has a problem competing with video games, social media as well as the time it takes to play a game.  A long baseball game was about two hours.  Now a baseball game can last over 3 hours.  That can stretch the patience of an older baseball fan no less than a millennial.  As attendance around baseball continues to drop, 2% per year over the last 7 years, what will MLB and the club owners do? Baseball season is over. Does anyone still care?