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The New Normal.

The New Normal

The New Normal.

The New Normal.  If this past weekend is any indication of what the rest of the year will be like I expect a very different holiday season.  Last year my wife and I would have visited family for a cookout. This year I traveled as far as my next door neighbor’s driveway to watch a birthday fireworks show.   The people who were not regulars sat at least 15 feet away.  A good time was had by all even with social distancing.

When will school start?

Gov. Ducey delayed the opening of school until at least August 17th.  The idea is to let schools create a plan to keep kids safe.  Is this really possible?  When was the last time you were around twenty children?  What was their attention span?  Will they wear a facemask all day?  What about all the parents and other people who think being told to wear a facemask is a violation of their constitutional rights.  Governors, mayors and private business owners can demand you wear a facemask.  It is not against the constitution.  If you believe this you need to reread the constitution.  Here is link explaining why a local or elected official can under force of law make you wear a mask.

What about a vaccine?

There is no vaccine that is ready today or in the next six months that will protect people from the Covid virus.  Yes there are several vaccines in early trials that have showed promise.  All of the vaccine trials to date have been tested on a few dozen people.  These are safety a efficacy trials.  As one scientist stated he has seen many vaccines fail as they have progressed into larger trials.  The reasons vaccines fail are many including not producing antibodies, not producing long-lasting antibodies and adverse reactions to the vaccine.  Even with a viable vaccine that does produce antibodies it will require that at least 70% to 90% of the entire population of the U.S. to be vaccinated for herd immunity.  As a reference the smallpox epidemic was finally eradicated worldwide in 1977 almost 20 years years after the WHO and nations of the world united to vaccinate every person in the world.

What to do until the world has a vaccine?

Unfortunately there are only containment procedures to control the Covid virus.  Wearing a mask and keeping your distance from people you do not know are the only proven methods to stop the spread of the virus.  No one wants to be responsible for their parents or grandparents contracting the virus that either kills them or leaves them with chronic health problems. The New Normal.  It will be here for many years even after we have a vaccine.