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Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 causes heart problems. There has been some reporting in the last several months that Covid-19 attacks different parts of the body leading to long-term inflammation.  The newest studies from Germany tell us that even when people survive even a mild case of Covid-19 there is the potential for heart problems in the future.

Here is the link to the article of heart problems and Covid-19.

Virus attacking organs is not unusual

There are viruses that attack every organ in the human body.  The virus most of us have heard about is Hepatitis A,B and C.  Hepatitis C is what you hear about because it causes scarring of the liver.  The scarring causes eventual liver failure and death.  Until Covid-19 the virus that worries doctors is Group Strep A throat infections which can lead to rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever causes permanent damage to the heart valves. Here is a link explaining how Group A strep can damage the heart.

A mask and avoiding people can stop Covid and possible heart problems

Everything you have heard about not wearing a mask is false.  A mask will help you not spread Covid-19 to others while other people wearing masks stops them from giving you Covid-19.  There have been too many stories about people believing Covid-19 is a hoax or a mask will hurt them.  This virus is real and will kill anyone that is susceptible to it.  The virus kills the elderly, the young and those who have no apparent health concerns.  Do not be the person who brings home the virus to your family causing the hospitalization or death of a loved one.

Covid-19 is here to stay

Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.  A virus does one thing and one thing extremely well.  It infects the host to make copies of itself to infect others.  There is nothing that will stop a virus unless there is a vaccine that provides long-term immunity.  Think of the Covid-19 vaccine the same way as the Small Pox, Tuberculous and Polio vaccines.  Those vaccines ended years of suffering and death for millions around the world.  The Covid-19 vaccine may do the same thing for this generation.