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A hot room makes for an irritable wife.

A hot room makes for an irritable wife.

A hot room makes for an irritable wife.  My wife was told she will be working from home for an extended period of time.  She brought home her work computer and monitors about two months ago.  I set up her computer and monitors in our home office.  This area of the house is fine with the door open however there is very little air flow out of the room with the door closed.  The hot air fills up the vaulted ceiling causing the room to become uncomfortably warm.  I knew I had to find a way to let the warm air out of the room without leaving the door open.  Why just not keep the door open?  Two words. Three cats.

I realized I had to add a cold air return near the top of the vaulted ceiling to let the warm air out.  I spent a couple of days looking for a way to add a cold air return to an existing wall.  I finally found a product by a company Tamarack that included the sheet metal ducts, an internal baffle and two register covers. I ordered it from Home Depot.Here is the link if you also need this product.  I ordered the Taramark product last Sunday and picked it up the past Friday.

The ducts are made to slide into each other. I set about cutting holes in the wall to the width of the larger duct.  Ordinarily this would take only about an hour to install.  My installation time was slightly more since I need to cut the holes near the top of the wall which is about 13.5 feet.  As soon as I cut the second hole in the wall I felt a virtual gust of warm air coming out of the room.  I could feel the temperature of the room drop to a comfortable level.

When I was cutting the first hole in the wall I did not see there was a seam in the drywall.  when I cut that section a small section fractured but did not fall off.  I decided to not use the screws to hold the registers in place.  I used magnets. I am going to cut the heads off of the screws and glue the heads onto the registers with a little clear silicone caulking.

Sunday afternoon I checked on my wife as she was working in the office.  The temperature in the room has dropped by about 8 – 10 degrees.  The room is now a comfortable place to work. A hot room makes for an irritable wife.  Now she is less irritable.


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It’s finally under 100 degrees in Phoenix WOOHOO!!!!

It's finally under 100 degrees in Phoenix WOOHOO!!!!

It’s finally under 100 degrees in Phoenix WOOHOO!!!! After 29 days at or above 110 degrees and 108 days over 100 degrees the weather gods have finally relented. 110 degree days 12 News   While the extremely hot days are behind this does not mean we are finished with the 100 degree day.  October 23, 2003 the high in Phoenix hit 105 degrees.  I personally remember that day.  My neighborhood had an afternoon halloween party for the local kids and an adult party that evening.  Everyone at the kid’s party could not believe it was over 100 degrees so late in the year.

While we all complain about the summer heat, how many of us would trade our summers for six months of winter?   In case you forgot what winter is about, let me remind you. First it is cold.  Sometimes bitterly cold that can be life threatening.  We should not forget about the black ice, freezing rain, sleet, slush, snow and blizzards.  Winter also brings shoveling driveways and sidewalks, unplowed roads and damage cars by the salt used on the roads. When we have a bit of perspective about winters our summers do look so bad after all.  After all Arizona winters are the reason we put up with the 100 degree days.  Call up your friends back east and tell them it’s finally under 100 degrees in Phoenix WOOHOO!!!!





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The Heat is not so Bad

Over the last twenty years I appreciate living in Phoenix more everyday.  I no longer had to deal with the bitter cold, ice storms, blizzards and wondering if I had enough oil to run my furnace.  My wife and I would watch the weather channel just to see how cold it was where we came from.  More than once we laughed thinking of our relatives stuck in the cold. Not nice but still funny.

I also appreciate Phoenix as I look at the damage the hurricanes are causing on the east coast and in the gulf.  Yes I know it is hot.  A few 110 degree days are preferable then seeing my home and livelihood first blown away while what is left washed by the flood away every few years.

I grew up in tornado alley.  Every summer we would listen to the radio to find out if a tornado is coming our way. My parents always had an AM/FM transistor radio and candles in case we lost power.  I remember one day walking home from school the air was complete still.  The sky was black and green.  I had never seen the sky that shade of sickly green.  The following day the local news broadcast pictures of the outer wall of a high school completely collapsed because of a tornado.

I know days upon days of the heat here in Phoenix can wear you down.  The heat wears me down.  It is also dangerous as evident by the yearly rescues of out of town hikers on Piestewa Peak.  At least here in Phoenix we can go inside our air conditioned homes or apartments to get away from the heat.  There is no place safe when you are in the path of a tornado, a hurricane or a flood.