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Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box

Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box

Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box

Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box.  This is a single use blank shipping box.  The box is in like new condition with just clear tape on the flaps.  There are no rips, tears or punctures.

The Right Shipping Box

This box will be the right box to ship many hard to fit items.  Many customers have used this box for shipping papers, artworks and fishing poles.  This box is perfect for any item that is wider at the bottom than the top and is less than 24 inches tall.

A Box for Less

Boxes Near Me is selling individual boxes for $0.99.  This is a saving of 59%.  Boxes Near Me offers discounts for purchases of 100 or more of the 8x8x24.  Business people know every penny or dollar they save on shipping comes back in higher profits. Who does not like more money in their pockets.

Boxes Near Me is here for You!

Boxes Near Me not only sells cheap boxes we also sell bubble wrap, packing paper, styrofoam packing peanuts and double rolls of tape all at a discount to save you money.