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Halloween Sugar Crash

Halloween Sugar Crash

Halloween Sugar Crash.  Halloween is over now the guilt from those hands fulls of bite size bars sets in.  Is the sugar crash real?  It depends on the individual eating sugar.  There are many people who can eat high sugar foods with little effect.  Others are not so fortunate. For people whose reward centers in their brains are stimulated by sugar the effect is similar to cocaine. Sugar becomes an addictive substance which causes a variety of problems in the brain and the body. Here is a link to a very good article on what sugar does to all people.

As noted sugar activates the reward centers in the brain.  If you have an addict among your friends or family you know the devastating effects the addition causes.  The effects of drugs and alcohol may be obvious to you at an early stage in the life of an addict, the outward affects of sugar may not be readily apparent.  You may wonder why someone is always having to eat.  You may see the sugar addict eats candy and desserts or drink excessive amounts of soda instead of normal meal of meats, vegetables and fruits.  You may think this is just a phase this person is going through in fact it is the early stages of a long process that leads to diabetes, heart disease and an early death.

There are other warnings signs you may notice in your family and friends have a sugar addiction.  You may notice changes in mood as they consume sugar.  An increase in depression symptoms has been noted in people with the highest sugar consumption.  The link between mood and sugar is inflammation.  Sugar causes inflammation in the blood vessel throughout the body including the brain. This reduces the blood flow to sensitive areas of the brain as well as the eyes and ears.  Depression not caused by a chemical imbalance is not thought to be caused by inflammation in the brain.

Halloween Sugar Crash is real.  If diabetes, heart disease, coronary artery disease, depression, mood swings and cancer run in your family you may want to try removing sugar from your diet to stop the inflammatory process before the damage to your body is irreversible.