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The CURE for Covid-19

The CURE for Covid-19 The CURE for Covid-19. What did you think I meant?  The CURE may not be the cure for Covid-19 their music may lift your spirits to get through the day.

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The New Normal

There is no vaccine that is ready today or in the next six months that will protect people from the Covid virus.  Yes there are several vaccines in early trials that have showed promise.  All of the vaccine trials to date have been tested on a few dozen people.  These are safety a efficacy trials.  As one scientist stated he has seen many vaccines fail as they have progressed into larger trials. 

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Are you going out?

ime to put on your big boy underwear and big girl panties.

Yes I am also tired of staying at home and not being able to see my siblings and parents.  My siblings and I have all decided we are not going to be the ones responsible if our parents contract Covid-19.  There is no hiking trail, no bar, no restaurant, no movie theater or other public activity I need to do right now. 

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