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Pandemic is not over.

Evolution in real time. Even If you do not believe in evolution, evolution believes in you.

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Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works.  According to data released by the company this morning their Covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective.  That is great news if the announcement is accurate.  As is always the case the devil is in the details.  Which age group does the 90% effectiveness pertain. Who will receive the …

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The CURE for Covid-19

The CURE for Covid-19 The CURE for Covid-19. What did you think I meant?  The CURE may not be the cure for Covid-19 their music may lift your spirits to get through the day.

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Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.  A virus does one thing and one thing extremely well.  It infects the host to make copies of itself to infect others.  There is nothing that will stop a virus unless there is a vaccine that provides long-term immunity.  Think of the Covid-19 vaccine the same way as the Small Pox, Tuberculous and Polio vaccines.  Those vaccines ended years of suffering and death for millions around the world.  The Covid-19 vaccine may do the same thing for this generation.

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Are you going out?

ime to put on your big boy underwear and big girl panties.

Yes I am also tired of staying at home and not being able to see my siblings and parents.  My siblings and I have all decided we are not going to be the ones responsible if our parents contract Covid-19.  There is no hiking trail, no bar, no restaurant, no movie theater or other public activity I need to do right now. 

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What the coronavirus means for the future.  My wife and I watched a very good CNN townhall on the coronavirus. The hosts and expert guests gave excellent information and recommendations for people to help stop the spread of coronavirus.  The number one recommendation is what every doctor and health professional tells the public every year …

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