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Cheap parts long drying times.

Cheap parts long drying times.

Cheap parts long drying times.

A few months ago we finally had to buy a new washer/dryer set.  I had kept the 20 year old set limping along replacing parts that either broke or worn out.  I noticed that the bearings in the washer motor were making nosie. I removed the sheet metal that enclosed the washer.  I found grease ws thrown everywhere under and around the washer.  The seal around the motor bearing had finally broke or cracked.

The Search

After spending a few hours online reading reviews about various brands and talking to my wife we decided to buy the same brand we were replacing.  The positive reviews outnumbered  the negatives.  We really had no choice if we wanted clean clothes.  We purchased a new Whirlpool washer and dryer.

Real world use of dryer

I am not going to bore you with complaints about the washer.  High efficiency washers are a pain in the butt to use. My problem child is the dryer.  The 20 year old dryer just worked.  The placement and the vent connections were very forgiving.  I had used a telescoping vent extension from the dryer to the dryer exhaust with no problem.  The new dryer is not so forgiving.  If the vent hose is not perfectly placed the dryer will not vent the moist air for clothes or towels to dry in less then two hours.

Cheap parts

The 20 year old dryer exhaust fan moved enough air it had no problem with ninety degree turns in the vent exhaust.  The new dryer does not like any turns in the exhaust. I only discovered this after talking to the tech that came out to look at the dryer.  The tech told me that the dryer exhaust vent must be a gradual incline from the dryer to the exhaust vent.  He suggested I try running the dryer directly into the garage as a test.  I did that to find the dryer worked. What I noticed is the exhaust coming out of the new dryer was not as strong as the 20 year old dryer.  Hmmmm.  To me this means the exhaust fan in the new dryer is not as strong as the fan in the 20 year old dryer.  It also means that any minor turn in the vent connection increases drying time.

New appliances and older homes

I fault Whirlpool for using an exhaust fan that only has the minimal CFM for the dryer to work properly.  And only when it is set up for newer homes that have at least two feet clearance from the dryer to the wall.  Our house, built in the late 1980’s does not have two feet of clearance from the dryer to the wall.  I have been able to find a way to run the vent to keep the dryer drying properly.  I should not have to placate the dryer because the manufacturer choose to use cheap parts.  Unfortunately that is the state of manufacturing in the 21st century. Cheap parts makes for long drying times.