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Cats like any Box

Cats like any box

Cats like any Box

Cats like any Box.  Over the long weekend I cleaned one of our litter boxes.  When it dried I dropped the litter box in the center of the room while I went to get the vacuum.  This picture is what I found when I returned with the vacuum.

The orange cat is one of our male cats.  When our previous female passed we decided to get another female cat. We purposely went looking for a female cat that could stand up to the dominant male cat.  We found the female cat a a rescue adoption event in Maricopa.  One of the foster moms told me none of the other kittens would play with her.  Once we heard that we thought she would make a good playmate for our orange male cat.

The Queen has Arrived

The new female kitten stood up to the orange male cat the first day we brought her home.  She would put up with none of the male cats domination.  I found it amusing to watch the 16 lb orange male cat back down from a 2 lb kitten.  Over the next year the male and female have bonded.   The Queen now chases our other grey and white male cat around the house for sport.  I am not sure why grey and white male cat does not stand up to the female since he is always trying to establish dominance over the orange male cat.  Once I hear a growl and hissing I know the female cat is chasing the grey and white male cat around the house.  In the year since we adopted her she in now close to the size and weight of the grey and white male cat.  Hopefully in the next year the female cat will calm down and get along with the grey and white male cat.



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Pets are good for you

Pets are good for you. 

Pets are good for you.  Who doesn’t like puppy kisses and soft kitten purrs.  Your pet dog and cat seem to be always happy to see you.  If you had a stressful day at work your pet just wants to be near you.  Unconditional love is something we all need.

As a dog person I was never exposed to cats until I married my wife.  She grew up on a farm with barn cats and a dog.  The dog was her fathers pet.  The cats were there to keep the barn free of mice and other vermin.  She and her sisters were given the task of finding all of the female cats who had given birth to kittens.  They did this to acclimate the kittens to humans.  Other wise the kittens would become feral.

I began to understand cats once we adopted our first two kittens.  One was a male orange cat she named Garfield. The other was a female calico I named Furgey.   Having a kitten curl up in my lap and purr until she fell asleep was an emotional experience.  Since that moment we have always had at least two cats in the house.

It is a myth that only women like cats and men only like dogs.  When we lived back east I had a dog and my wife had three cats all living together.  The one of our male cats would antagonize the dog.   The dog would chase the until the cat would jump through the cat door I had installed in the basement door. The cat door was too small for the dog to fit through.  The cat would sit on the other side of the door while the dog barked at him knowing the dog could not got to him.  All I could do was laugh at the situation thinking cats are much smarter than humans give them credit.

This past year our female “mommy” cat passed away.  She raised all of the kittens we brought into the house.  To keep the make cats from fighting we found a new female kitten that looks to be part bengal.  She has bonded with our part Bengal male.  He seems happier to have another cat who can keep up with him.  The balance to the universe has been restores at least in my home. Pets are good for you