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Packing Paper 100 sheets 36x24

One of the best ways to protect your collectibles and other fragile items during a move is with blank newsprint.  Boxes Near Me sell 50 sheets of 36″x24″ blank newsprint for $8.99.

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Baby Yoda eats anything If you have watched the Mandalorian you know Baby Yoda is not picky about what he eats. Anything that he can get in his mouth is not safe.  This picture came to me from a reliable source who did not want to be identified for fear of Baby Yoda eating him …

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Cats like any box

The Queen has Arrived

The new female kitten stood up to the orange male cat the first day we brought her home.  She would put up with none of the male cats domination.  I found it amusing to watch the 16 lb orange male cat back down from a 2 lb kitten. 

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Single-use 24x16x18 Shipping Box Single-use 24x16x18 Shipping Box.  This box has an ECT 44 rating and holds up to 95 lbs. The box also has fold-ovr flaps on one side for extra protection.  This is a great box for distributors and repackagers sending products to wholesalers or retail stores. This single-use box is printed with …

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Are you a small business printer that needs inexpensive boxes to ship custom baseball hats?  Boxes Near Me has an unprinted used box that is great for shipping baseball hats. 

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New Unprinted 14x12x12 Box.

New Unprinted 14x12x12 Box.  Boxes Near Me just acquired multiple pallets of brand new 14x12x12 unprinted shipping boxes.  Boxes are factory banded on factory pallets. Each pallet contains 300 boxes.

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A Russian dog sneaked into the house and pooped.  We barked and he ran away.  That’s the truth and we are sticking with it.

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New Printed 8x6x1.25 Mailer

New Printed 8×6.6×1.25 Mailer New Printed 8×6.6×1.25 Mailer.  Several customers have complained recently about having products crushed using padded envelopes.   This is a problem especially for smaller internet businesses as they try to contain shipping costs.  Many new business owner underestimate the cost of shipping boxes has on their profits.  The cost of padded envelopes, …

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