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New Telemarketer Tactics

New Telemarketer Tactics

New Telemarketer Tactics I noticed in the last week.

Telemarketers are the scourge of cell phones.  They take up both business and personal time.  Once you give out your number to one telemarketer you are on the list of seemingly every telemarketer in the entire world!  Maybe not the entire world but almost.

I have tried everything I could think of to stop telemarketers from taking up my time.  first I blocked all umbers not on my contact list.  That did not work because there are businesses and people I need to talk to only once or twice.  It is not useful to add them to my contact list that is already too long.  I tried only answering calls calls I recognized.  Again there are business and people I need to talk to on an occasional basis so I answer the phone.

I still block numbers from telemarketers.  I found that to be effective for the last few months.  Now they are using a new tactic to get around the blocks.  I noticed they are using two different strategies.  The first is to call with no one on the other end.  It is a computer dialing my number.  When I answer and no one is on the other end I hang up.  I surmise that the telemarketers system is using this ruse to leave a voicemail on my phone.  I have had several of these voicemails the last few weeks.  When I check my call blocking log, the number is blocked but the voicemail still goes through.  I am having to spend time listening to the voicemail. it is both annoying and frustrating.

The second tactic the telemarketers are using is new in the last week.  They are using are disguising their number with the private number option.  Again there is no one on the line but a voicemail is left on my phone.  The ongoing feud between cell phone users and New Telemarketer Tactics  continues until the telephone companies bring out the software the FCC has required for them to offer consumers.