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Most Reviews are Fake

Most Reviews are Fake Most reviews are fake.  It should not come as a big surprise to anyone that many 5 star and 1 star reviews are fake. What surprises me is too many people take reviews at face value.  Here is my system for weeding out fake reviews from the real ones. Use the …

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The Mandalorian Spaghetti-Space-Western

Pedro Pascal, The Mandalorian, is really Clint Eastwood’s character from his days in spaghetti westerns.  Imagine Pedro Pascal wearing western clothes riding a horse instead of a speeder. 

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New Kraft Tray 9.87x7.5x3.5

The trays are great for shelf organization, crafters, concessions and other businesses that need a cheap recyclable tray.

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Single-Use 23.5x18.5x15 Box

Single-Use Printed 23.5×20.5×17.5 Box.  This is a great box for distributors and wholesalers looking for a cheap alternative to new boxes. Boxes have tape residue and a label that can be removed or covered with another label. Each box has every flap.  The box is free from cuts, punctures and rips.

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Single-use 19.25x15.5x13.75 Shipping Box

Single-Use 19.25×15.375×13.75 Heavy-duty-unprinted Box.  Our newest box maybe one of the best boxes we have sold.  The size of this box makes it useful for a variety of businesses from distributors and repackers to t-shirt companies and e-commerce companies. 

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Single-use 24x16x18 Shipping Box Single-use 24x16x18 Shipping Box.  This box has an ECT 44 rating and holds up to 95 lbs. The box also has fold-ovr flaps on one side for extra protection.  This is a great box for distributors and repackagers sending products to wholesalers or retail stores. This single-use box is printed with …

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Are you a small business printer that needs inexpensive boxes to ship custom baseball hats?  Boxes Near Me has an unprinted used box that is great for shipping baseball hats. 

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New Unprinted 14x12x12 Box.

New Unprinted 14x12x12 Box.  Boxes Near Me just acquired multiple pallets of brand new 14x12x12 unprinted shipping boxes.  Boxes are factory banded on factory pallets. Each pallet contains 300 boxes.

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Single-use Unprinted 17.6x12.25x7.5 Box

Single-use Unprinted 17.6×12.25×7.5 Box Single-use Unprinted 17.6×12.25×7.5 Box.  Now in inventory at Boxes Near Me.  This is a great box for all types of businesses that ship their products.  This unprinted box will go fast.  Pallet quantities available.  Discounts for pallet orders.  Call 480-506-8712 for current inventory, pallet pricing and delivery minimums.

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