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Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Works.  According to data released by the company this morning their Covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective.  That is great news if the announcement is accurate.  As is always the case the devil is in the details.  Which age group does the 90% effectiveness pertain.

Who will receive the vaccine first 

There are several groups that have been recognized as being at the front of the line when a vaccine becomes available.  The federal government under the present administration has said that the vulnerable populations in nursing homes and extended care facilities will be one of the first group to be vaccinated.  The other groups that will receive the vaccine are hospital staff, the military, police, fire and other first responders.   The rest of us will be offered the vaccination after those first groups.

Twice the fun

The Pfizer vaccine will be given in two shots.  The first shot will be followed by the second shot 21 days later.  This means Pfizer will produce 600 million doses to vaccinate the population of the United States.  It is unlikely that one company alone will be able to provide that many doses.  Which is why there are multiple companies working on a vaccine.  Not everyone is going to receive the same vaccine.  This is normal.  One vaccine may be better suited to children while another may be better for adults over 60.

Immunity is what counts 

A vaccine is the first step to stopping the virus from spreading.  The vaccine will help the body kill the virus making transmission impossible.  When between 70% to 90% of the world population has some sort of immunity the virus will stop being a threat.  This does not mean the virus will go away.  The virus can linger in people and animals waiting for the momentary lapse in judgement that will allow it to spread once again.  Just like Polio or the measles virus the Covid-19 virus has not gone away even with a vaccine.   Only through constant vigilance and regular vaccinations can the human race keep the viruses and other microbes at bay from causing death and misery.