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Single-Use Printed 23.5×20.5×17.5 Box

Single-Use 23.5x18.5x15 Box

Single-Use Printed 23.5×20.5×17.5 Box

Single-Use Printed 23.5×20.5×17.5 Box.  This is a great box for distributors and wholesalers looking for a cheap alternative to new boxes. Boxes have tape residue and a label that can be removed or covered with another label. Each box has every flap.  The box is free from cuts, punctures and rips.

Available in Pallet Quantities

The 23.5×20.5×17.5 is available on pallets of 150 boxes.  Multiple pallets are in stock.  This box sells new for $3.21 each. Our price is $1.99 each.  Additional discounts for pallet purchases.

Increase your profits with used boxes

Business people know that shipping costs are drain on profits.  By switching to used boxes the savvy business manager can reduce shipping costs and increase profits.  Who does not like making more money.

 Boxes and more boxes

Boxes Near Me has variety of sizes from small boxes to 8 wall gaylord boxes all at significant savings.


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