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Single-Use 19.25×15.375×13.75 Heavy-duty-unprinted Box

Single-use 19.25x15.5x13.75 Shipping Box

Single-Use 19.25×15.375×13.75 Heavy-duty-unprinted Box

Single-Use 19.25×15.375×13.75 Heavy-duty-unprinted Box.  Our newest box maybe one of the best boxes we have sold.  The size of this box makes it useful for a variety of businesses from distributors and repackers to t-shirt companies and e-commerce companies.  This box has an ECT rating of 44 and holds 95 lbs.  The box can protect your products in shipment especially from the harsh handling of the usual suspects.

Box is in Great Condition

The box has clear tape on the flaps.  All of the flaps are present.  There is a small removable sticker on the bottom corner of the box.  It will not interfere with your shipping labels.

Pallets Available

Boxes Near Me is selling individual boxes for $1.09 each.  Pallets of 250 boxes are available.  We offer discounts when you buy a pallet.  Delivery is available.  Call 480-506-8712 for inventory levels, pallet pricing and delivery requirements.

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