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Shipping Boxes for Holidays

Shipping Boxes for Holidays

Shipping Boxes for Holidays

Shipping Boxes for Holidays.  You need to ship packages to kids, grandkids or friends Boxes Near Me has a variety of boxes and packing materials.  We have a variety of new and gently used boxes to choose from.  Do not delay sending out your holiday gifts early.  Pick up your boxes at Boxes Near Me today for the best selection.

Shipping Problems

Yesterday the NBC national news ran a segment on the expected problems with holiday shipping.  They specifically showed Fedex but the same issues will affect all package deliveries.   The package delivery companies are already working at peak levels due to Covid-19.  In addition to the already high levels of shipping from people buying online the Covid-19 vaccine will be transported by Fedex and others.  I fully expect the vaccine shipments to take precedence over all other shipments.  Your shipments may be delayed until after Christmas.

Covid-19 affecting shipments to all businesses 

Add to the issues above many businesses have not received the raw materials or piece parts from their overseas partners.  This is causing a delay in manufacturing along with a delay when these products will be available for purchase.  When these products do become available the transportation system may be unable to deliver in two days.

What to do for the holidays

The best solution is to buy as early as possible and ship as early as possible.  I know that may take some of the fun out of the holidays.  It is either being early or dealing with the disappoint of arriving late. I would rather receive a gift early when the expectation level is high then a week after.

Boxes Near Me has all of your shipping needs

Besides boxes we have tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and styrofoam peanuts.  Stop in our warehouse before the rush.  You will find everything you need to ship your boxes.

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