Reorganization is always Necessary.  This time of year many businesses experience a seasonal slowdown due to the holidays.  Many businesses use this time to d0 maintenance, take inventory and reorganize. Boxes Near Me is no different.  The warehouse Supervisor and myself are reorganizing the warehouse to make it more efficient.  Improving efficiency will have benefit our customers.

The most important improvement customers will experience is faster deliveries.  How will this happen? I  have a plan to stage all of the best selling boxes in a specific area on the floor.  A dedicated staging area will eliminate unnecessary movement of boxes.  All of the boxes in the dedicated staging area will have a designated position in the staging area.  As a specific pallet of a box is sold another pallet of the same box will take its place.

If you have never dealt with inventory or a warehouse it may seem foreign. This concept is nothing more the old adage: A place for everything and everything is its place. Reorganization is always Necessary.

Written by James Simons