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Old technology causes problems for me.

Old technology causes problems for me

Old technology causes problems for me as I am the person who makes thing work in our house.  My wife came into the den when I was working on the computer telling me she found a new radio station.  I think I left the radio on 92.7 fm when I last drove the car.  92.7 fm/1440 am is a low power station out of Florence, AZ.  The only place I can hear 92.7 is in the car.  Most car radios have better FM sensitivity than stereo receivers and headphones.

She excitedly told me she liked the mix of music played on 92.7.  The problem is she could not hear the station on her cheap Sony headphones.  This radio station is an AM station in simulcasting on FM.  The signal strength is not the best.  I told her the frequency to set her headphones.  She came back a minute later accusing me of not giving her the correct frequency because all she heard was static.  I googled the station showing her I had told her the correct FM frequency.  I told her I was never able to hear 92.7 on any of the different stereo receivers I have in the family room or the garage.  This did not help my case for being correct.  My wife gave the look and left the room.

Having grown up with the radio I enjoy listening to whatever is being broadcast.  I would spend my days outside working in the yard with either listening to music or a baseball game.  Is the local radio broadcast headed for extinction?  The millennials in my extended family do not listen to the radio.  They prefer to stream the music they like.  I am finding that I prefer streaming to local radio.  I have found myself streaming stations from around the world playing music without commercials.  So I am guilty of hastening the demise of local radio as well at least at work. Old technology causes problems for me until it disappears.


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