New Blank 16x13x24 Box

New Blank 16x13x24 Box. This box is double-walled ECT 51 with a max weight of 120lbs.  The box is factory banded on the original factory pallet.  We have one pallet of 107 boxes available.

The Right Shipping Box

This box will be the right box to ship many fragile items.  A few of the fragiles items this box is perfect to use for shipping include vases, lamps, statuary, decanters, bookshelf speakers and stereo equipment.

A Box for Less

Boxes Near Me sells the 16x13x24 double-walled box for $3.19 each.  This is a savings of $2.00 over the usual sale price of $5.19 each. Business people know every penny or dollar they save on shipping comes back in higher profits. Who does not like more money in their pockets.

Boxes Near Me is here for You!

Boxes Near Me not only sells cheap boxes we also sell bubble wrap, packing paper, styrofoam packing peanuts and double rolls of tape all at a discount to save you money.

Written by James Simons