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Moving Boxes. How Many?

Moving Boxes. How Many?

Moving Boxes. How Many?

Moving Boxes. How Many? This is the second most common question customer ask us.  The first question is do we sell boxes. Yes. Really. Depending on how long you have lived in your current abode you may need more than just a few.  when is the last time you organize your closets?  When is the last time you cleaned and organized your kitchen cabinets?  When was the last time…you get the point.  Now add all the stuff you kids have squirreled away and the number of boxes can grow.  Over the last seven years we have developed a rule of thumb for the number of boxes you should need to move everything you own.

Rule of Thumb for Moving Boxes

When you stop at the Boxes Near Me warehouse we will ask you two questions. 1) What is the square footage of your current place and 2) How full is your place. Generally the more square footage your place is the more stuff you are likely to have.  This question also implies how long you have lived in the same place.  The longer you live in the same place the more stuff you accumulate.  After several years you are not aware of what you may have or even where its located.   Everyone is guilty of this.  We use these two questions to give you a rough estimate of how many boxes you should need to move.

Ok, So how many boxes do I need

I am glad you asked this question.  We use 1000 sq ft as the starting point and your best guess on how much stuff you have in your closets.  In our judgment based on hundreds of people buying boxes over the last seven years  you will need 30 boxes for every 1000 sq ft with your closets at 50% full.  This number of boxes is your starting point.  Next is the size of box.  The most popular size based on what customers have purchased is our medium box.  The medium box is not too small and not too big. It is just right to pack your stuff.  We also suggest a few standard large boxes and standard book boxes for those things that are either too big or too small to use the medium boxes efficiently.

All boxes are not created equal

Have you run into those cheap Chinese boxes that fall apart after opening?  The typical moving box is almost as bad. The cardboard is softer than a shipping box.  Cheap moving boxes are prone to bursting through the sides and bottoms.  Customers tell us at Boxes Near Me of the bottoms of moving giving way spilling the contents.  This is a waste of time, money and potential loss of irreplaceable items.  We do not sell cheap Chinese boxes.

Boxes Near Me is here for You!

Boxes Near Me not only sells quality boxes at lower prices we also sell bubble wrap, packing paper, styrofoam packing peanuts and double rolls of tape all at a discount to save you money.





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