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Little girls show us Elsa is still their Queen

Little girls show us Elsa is still their Queen

Little girls show us Elsa is still their Queen.  Sunday morning my wife and I went the first showing of Ford vs Ferrari.  It was a predictable movie that still managed to be entertaining.  If you have even a passing interest in high performance racing you may want to see this movie.

We were leaving the theater as the first showing of Frozen 2 was letting out.  The site of several dozen little girls excitedly bouncing along the walkway with their parents was very amusing.  In the middle of the walkway a girl about 5 or 6 wearing her Elsa royal dress with tiara and holding a very big soda in small hands topped in the stopped in her tracks.  I initially thought she may have been separated from her parents. I then heard her mom call her but she stood still as though she could not move.  The answer to her apparent unwillingness to move made me laugh.  Her mother asked her to come to her again.  The little girl then said in a confused voice that she could hear the music from the the first movie playing.  She did not understand why the music was playing.  Now that the mystery of the little Frozen girl walkway in her Frozen royal gown going to see Frozen 2 was unfrozen we went on our way.

If you do not think that Elsa is not the queen of little girls, Frozen 2 made 127 million dollars in presale tickets for this weekend.  Frozen 2 set the record for the greatest number of presale tickets to any movie since presale tickets have been sold.  Bigger than Star Wars and even bigger than all of the Avenger movies. Frozen 2 is also set to be the fifth Disney movie to reach one billion dollars in ticket sales this year.  Another record for a movie studio. Little girls show us Elsa is still their Queen.

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