Election 2020 is tomorrow.

Election 2020 is tomorrow.  Have you voted? If you did great job.  If you have not, why not?  Your vote is the only way you can influence not only who is elected but how they govern.  If you choose not to vote then you are giving reactionaries on both sides of the political spectrum the chance to elect their candidate.  You may not like what they do or how they do govern.  Since you did not vote they may just ignore you.

Why elections matter.

There are many reasons for voting.  Some people vote for lower taxes.  Others vote for social policies. Some people vote for better schools.  What are you voting for?  Do you want lower taxes?  How about better schools? Maybe you want the city to take better care of the roads.  Whatever the reason you need to vote for the person who represents your point of view.

Local elections matter

It seems that everyone is drawn to the national elections.  We saw this with President Obama.  Do you know that your local school board, city mayor, city council and county supervisors have more direct effect on your day to day life than national politicians.  Local and state elections are in many the most important votes in any election.  How much are you willing to tax yourself for better schools?  Or fully staffed and better trained police?  Or sanitation and water treatment facilities.  Modern life requires that everyone pitches in to help each other.  Who you vote for determines how your money is spent.  Do you want a say in how your money is spent?  If so, you need to vote.

Democracy requires you participate.

Election 2020 is tomorrow. The American form of representative democracy depends on you voting in every election. For all the reasons above your vote is important.


Written by James Simons