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The New Normal

There is no vaccine that is ready today or in the next six months that will protect people from the Covid virus.  Yes there are several vaccines in early trials that have showed promise.  All of the vaccine trials to date have been tested on a few dozen people.  These are safety a efficacy trials.  As one scientist stated he has seen many vaccines fail as they have progressed into larger trials. 

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The Retail Apocalypse Continues. 

The Retail Apocalypse Continues The Retail Apocalypse Continues.  A new report out earlier this week estimates that 20,000 to 25,000 retail stores of all sizes will close in the next 12 months.  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is one part of a bigger story of the problems brick and mortar retail stores are experiencing. More Job …

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Cheap parts long drying times.

Cheap parts long drying times. A few months ago we finally had to buy a new washer/dryer set.  I had kept the 20 year old set limping along replacing parts that either broke or worn out.  I noticed that the bearings in the washer motor were making nosie. I removed the sheet metal that enclosed …

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A hot room makes for an irritable wife.

A hot room makes for an irritable wife.  My wife was told she will be working from home for an extended period of time.  She brought home her work computer and monitors about two months ago.  I set up her computer and monitors in our home office.  This area of the house is fine with the door open however there is very little air flow out of the room with the door closed.  The hot air fills up the vaulted ceiling causing the room to become uncomfortably warm.  I knew I had to find a way to let the warm air out of the room without leaving the door open.  Why just not keep the door open?  Two words. Three cats.

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About every 100 years there is some type of pandemic that kills a certain percentage of the world population.  There are various causes of pandemics from killing cats in the middle ages to eating species of animals not fit to eat.

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Friday Funny

Funny Friday Something to relieve the stress for a few seconds.  Enjoy.

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Apocalypse? What Apocalypse?

Apocalypse? What Apocalypse? And you thought the apocalypse would have you running away from ravenous zombies.  If only it were that easy. Instead we have fights over toilet paper and people purposely coughing, wiping their nose or shouting about their non-existent constitutional rights to not wear a mask in a private business.  The apocalypse is …

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Are you going out?

ime to put on your big boy underwear and big girl panties.

Yes I am also tired of staying at home and not being able to see my siblings and parents.  My siblings and I have all decided we are not going to be the ones responsible if our parents contract Covid-19.  There is no hiking trail, no bar, no restaurant, no movie theater or other public activity I need to do right now. 

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The Gates of Hell Open

Officially the hottest temperature recorded at Sky Harbor airport was 122 degrees.  That is not the highest unofficial temperature recorded in Arizona.  The highest unofficial temperature was recorded in Lake Havasu City was 128 degrees on June 29, 1994.

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Governors use citizens as lab rats. We are in this new normal until humans develop herd immunity or a vaccine is available.  Until then you need to do your part in keeping your family, friends and society safe.  You are not a lab rat. 

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