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Being a Joker is depressing

Being a Joker is depressing. 

Being a Joker is depressing.  Okay, I read all the reviews of the movie Joker. I watched the movie this weekend.  I was not entertained.  The movie is a study of main character’s descent into madness. This type of movie has been done many times over the years.  While I agree Joaquin Phoenix gave a marvelous performance it does not save the movie.

I explained to my wife who watched the movie with me this is not a movie about the beginnings of the Joker in the Batman universe.  The movie shows us the beginning of the Batman universe.  The Joker, not the character in this movie, is a symptom of the underlying anger the average person has toward the wealthy elite of Gotham.

Did we need a movie to explain the circumstances that gave rise to Batman and the Joker?  In my opinion, NO. I did not enjoy the movie on any level. The main character is unsympathetic and not likable.  Without a sympathetic main character or any sympathetic character in the movie I could not find one thing I could relate to on a personal level. The movie is dull and lifeless that I immediately forgot it as soon as it ended.

I have watched many bad movies over the years.  Joker is not as bad as Plan 9 from Outer Space or The Toxic Avenger, however Joker will be disappear from the public consciousness quickly.  Unlike the Marvel movies, Wonder Woman or even the Transformers, Joker has nothing to root for or against.  If Joker has any lasting meaning it is a warning about wealth disparity and how it will affect civilization.  Yes,Being a Joker is depressing.




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