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Baseball Hat Box 17x9x5.5


Baseball Hat Box 17x9x5.5

Baseball Hat Box 17x9x5.5.  Our price of $0.65 each is 50% less than a comparable new box. Pallet discounts are available.

Lower you shipping costs

Are you a small business printer that needs inexpensive boxes to ship custom baseball hats?  Boxes Near Me has an unprinted used box that is great for shipping baseball hats.  The box is in excellent shape with no holes, cuts or tears.  All flaps are present.  The box has clear tape residue and a small removable label.  Our price reflects the box condition.

One Stop Shop Increase your Profits

Boxes Near Me stocks double rolls of box tape, Tape guns, packing paper, bubble wrap and of course more boxes.  Save money with Boxes Near Me.

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