Are you going out?

Governor Ducey is not listening to the CDC or the White House task force by opening the state of Arizona before we hit our peak of Covid-19 infections.  Many scientists modeling our infection curve have said Arizona should not open before June 10th.  Is going out to eat or to a bar or a movie worth the risk of contracting Covid-19?  The answer may come down to trust.  Are you going out?

Who do you Trust? 

Are you going to make the intelligent decision based on science or the emotional decision that will put you and your family at risk? If you trust the science and the smart people behind the science you are going to continue doing the same thing as the last six weeks.  Social distancing is the only way the American people have been able to slow the spread of this virus.  Without social distancing the virus will continue to spread potentially killing more people and as we now know children.

The other choice is allowing your emotions to take over and jump into the deep end without a plan.  Facts can help you make a less emotional choice.  Scientists have estimated that anywhere from 25% to 80% of all people who contract Covid-19 are asymptomatic.  Asymptomatic means you can have the virus with no visible symptom such as a fever or cough.  You can spread the virus to your co-workers, friends and most importantly your family.  All of those people can spread it to other people especially people with pre-existing conditions.  Do you want the guilt of watching your infant children or elderly family members die because you went out and brought home the virus?  How would you live with yourself if that happens?  It is too late to trust the science once one of your children or parents dies as a result of your selfish, emotional actions.

Time to put on your big boy underwear and big girl panties.

Yes I am also tired of staying at home and not being able to see my siblings and parents.  My siblings and I have all decided we are not going to be the ones responsible if our parents contract Covid-19.  There is no hiking trail, no bar, no restaurant, no movie theater or other public activity I need to do right now.  The risk is too great.  I hope everyone else feels the same way.  However as I have seen on the news many people all over the country are selfish.  This selfishness is what will cause a second and third wave of the virus.  Let’s all suck it up for just a little longer.  Otherwise if you think it is bad now, it will be worse when the second wave hits.  I ask again. Are you going out?

Written by James Simons