Apocalypse? What Apocalypse?

And you thought the apocalypse would have you running away from ravenous zombies.  If only it were that easy. Instead we have fights over toilet paper and people purposely coughing, wiping their nose or shouting about their non-existent constitutional rights to not wear a mask in a private business.  The apocalypse is really about showing  who among us is selfish.

The thin veil of civilization.

The western world is one extended blackout from the collapse of what we call civilization in to total anarchy.  We are completely dependent on electricity, computers and satellites for our modern age.  If there is ever a time where the electrical grid does not function that will immediately set back civilization to the 1850’s. Just think about your life with no electricity.  Beyond your cellphone no longer working, OMG how will millennials survive, there will be no refrigeration, no water, no medicine, no gasoline and no food from other parts of the country or world. The American way of life is fully and totally dependent on electricity.

Nation states are no more.

The nation states of North America, Europe, Asia and South America will no longer exist. We only need to look at Somalia, Central and South America to see what happens when there is no national identity.  Nation states are no more than a big extended tribe.  As long as there is a national identity people will want to belong to that tribe.  When the nation state ceases to exist there is no reason to be a member of that tribe.  In a country as diverse as America you can expect divisions to occur along ethnic, religious and regional lines.

The Collapse occurs from within.

As we have seen the past several decades the political class has divided Americans into distinct antagonistic groups.  Each of these groups (tribes) believe they are the only ones with the correct answers only if the other side would bow to their demands.  There is no compromise in America.  It is now only my way and your way does not matter.  This is a dangerous time in America.  If nothing is done to stop this trend there will be a civil war that will end the American experiment.  This is not happening is just America.  Other western countries are facing the same issues. One of the ways to stop the decent of America into chaos is to vote for the people who would bring us together instead of dividing us.  If you do nothing then you will be a witness to the apocalypse. Apocalypse? What Apocalypse?



Written by James Simons