Boxes Near Me - You Need Boxes? We Have Boxes!!!
2140 W Fillmore St

About "The Goodwill of Recycled Boxes"

When I moved to a house in Phoenix I wanted to buy boxes but I discovered it was expensive and inconvient. Through this discovery I realized there was a whole world of used and un-used boxes out there, but it was hard to find them.

It was then when the idea of "Boxes Near Me" came to me. I figured out that I could save people a whole lot of money and help the environment by focus on Re-Recycling Boxes to the People who Need Them.

After getting a great response from selling recycled boxes to the general public, it was apparent to me that I could help businesses by picking up the old boxes these businesses could not use, recycling them and re-seling the boxes back to businesses and public. The average box can be re-used 3-5 times before lossing structrual integrity. "8 Gallons of Oil is Saved for Every Boxes we Re-Used" according to Earth911 Studies.


"Saving Boxes, Saving Money, Saving The World. EVERY DAY!"