A Difference of Opinion. Last week my brother and I were talking about different Netflix shows we were watching.  We agreed that the series Another Life is aimed directly at millennial’s.  From the idea that there are no uniforms to not having a chain of command and the incessant whining that seems to define this generation.  The kicker is that the twenty-somethings who man the ship should not be there.  They have no real world experiences a person needs to operate in a confined environment.

Our difference of opinion centered around the reboot of Lost in Space.  My brother likes it.  He tells me that as long as he in entertained he will watch.  I find the premise of how the antagonist in the show stole the real Dr Smith’s ID and boarded the colony ship with no questions asked ridiculous.   After the episode where Dr. Smith somehow was able to deactivate the defensive grid with no password or other security codes I gave up watching.  No one had the idea to question how the defensive grid was disabled.  Lazy writing at its worst.  After talking with my brother I gave Lost in Space on more chance.  I watched the last episode of season one.  I remember from the last episode I watched that Dr. Smith reprogrammed the alien robot only to follow her commands.   Dr. Smith is a sociopath.  She only does what she thinks is best for herself with no regard for others even if that means others die.  She uses the robot to threaten the mother and the family as sociopaths do when they think they have leverage.  Of course the mother saves her family by tricking Dr. Smith into an area of the ship where she is confined with the robot.

Dr. Smith does realize she has pushed too far and helps to rescue the father who is stranded in space with their co-pilot.  The question I come back to is this. Would you keep a person who is looking for any opportunity to take control of any situation they are in to further their own cause without concern for wellbeing of anyone else?  There is no reason to keep Dr. Smith as part of the crew.  The family should have left her stranded on a planet or jettisoned her out of the airlock to end any threat she poses.  This is where a Difference of Opinion with my brother lies.

Written by James Simons