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50 Sheets Blank Newsprint

Packing Paper 100 sheets 36x24

50 Sheets Blank Newsprint

One of the best ways to protect your collectibles and other fragile items during a move is with blank newsprint.  Boxes Near Me sell 50 sheets of 36″x24″ blank newsprint for $8.99.  The newsprint comes in a handy box to keep the paper clean and organized.

Moving Supplies

Boxes Near Me has the following moving supplies.

Double rolls of box tape for $3.99.

Tape dispensers – $10.

Bubble wrap – 50 feet for $12.50. Perforated every 12 inches.

Packing Peanut – 14 cubic foot bag for $21.

Business Hours

Boxes Near Me is open Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm.

There is no minimum purchase.

$25 minimum purchase for Debit or Credit cards.


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