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$25 Moving Box Special

Shipping Boxes for Holidays

$25 Moving Box Special

$25 Moving Box Special.  You have decided to move.  Moving is on the list of top ten stressors in life.  You can add to your stress by paying high prices for boxes at a big box store or one of the national moving franchises.  You can save money and reduce your stress at Boxes Near Me.  Boxes Near Me sells 30 boxes for $25

What are you going to do with all your STUFF!

Black plastic trash bags are always an option for stuffed animals and towels.  What about your breakables?  Plastic trash bags offer no protection from breakage.  You need a box that will protect your stuff.  Boxes Near Me sells both moving and shipping boxes to pack and protect your stuff.

All boxes are not created equal

Have you run into those cheap Chinese boxes that fall apart after opening?  The typical moving box is almost as bad. The cardboard is softer than a shipping box.  Cheap moving boxes are prone to bursting through the sides and bottoms.  Customers tell us at Boxes Near Me of the bottoms of moving giving way spilling the contents.  This is a waste of time, money and potential loss of irreplaceable items.

Boxes Near Me is here for You!

Boxes Near Me not only sells cheap boxes we also sell bubble wrap, packing paper, styrofoam packing peanuts and double rolls of tape all at a discount to save you money.




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