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Most Reviews are Fake

Most Reviews are Fake Most reviews are fake.  It should not come as a big surprise to anyone that many 5 star and 1 star reviews are fake. What surprises me is too many people take reviews at face value.  Here is my system for weeding out fake reviews from the real ones. Use the …

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Packing Paper 100 sheets 36x24

One of the best ways to protect your collectibles and other fragile items during a move is with blank newsprint.  Boxes Near Me sell 50 sheets of 36″x24″ blank newsprint for $8.99.

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Baby Yoda eats anything If you have watched the Mandalorian you know Baby Yoda is not picky about what he eats. Anything that he can get in his mouth is not safe.  This picture came to me from a reliable source who did not want to be identified for fear of Baby Yoda eating him …

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Pandemic is not over.

Evolution in real time. Even If you do not believe in evolution, evolution believes in you.

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