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Friday is happening again

Friday is happening again.  We survived another week of wearing masks, social distancing and whatever we ate from the frig last night.  Have a good weekend everyone and remember to stay safe.

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Moving Boxes. How Many?

When you stop at the Boxes Near Me warehouse we will ask you two questions. 1) What is the square footage of your current place and 2) How full is your place. Generally the more square footage your place is the more stuff you are likely to have.

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Shipping Boxes for Holidays

$25 Moving Box Special $25 Moving Box Special.  You have decided to move.  Moving is on the list of top ten stressors in life.  You can add to your stress by paying high prices for boxes at a big box store or one of the national moving franchises.  You can save money and reduce your …

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Corona Beer Changes Name

Corona Beer Changes Name Corona Beer Changes Name.  What is poor beer company supposed to do when uninformed people think your company spreads a deadly virus?  You change your name that is what.

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New Blank 7.5x7.5x28 Box

New Blank 7.5×7.5×28 Box New Blank 7.5×7.5×28 Box.  This is a brand new blank shipping box.  This box is double-walled with a 275 lbs crush test rating.  The box can hold up to 100 lbs. Limited quantity of 150 boxes available. The Right Shipping Box This box will be the right box to ship fragile …

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The CURE for Covid-19

The CURE for Covid-19 The CURE for Covid-19. What did you think I meant?  The CURE may not be the cure for Covid-19 their music may lift your spirits to get through the day.

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Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box

Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box Blank 8x8x24 Shipping Box.  This is a single use blank shipping box.  The box is in like new condition with just clear tape on the flaps.  There are no rips, tears or punctures. The Right Shipping Box This box will be the right box to ship many hard to fit items.  …

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Who Finds Vaccine First?

Who has the Incentive to find a Vaccine?
Governments? The Pharmaceutical Industry? If you said anyone other than a parent who has been trapped with their kids in the house for months you are wrong. 

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Packing Paper 100 sheets 36x24

New Packing Paper 36×24  New Packing Paper 36×24.  Boxes Near Me sells 50 sheets of unprinted Packing/Newsprint paper for $8.99. The paper comes in a convenient box for easy storage. Protect your Fragile items What is the worst thing that happens during a move?  Other than losing your belongings and maybe losing your sanity, it …

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3/16x24" Bubble Wrap

750′ roll bubble wrap 750′ roll bubble wrap.  Boxes Near Me sells a 750 foot roll of bubble wrap for $120.  Compare at $179 for a savings of $59. The roll is 24 inches wide with perforations every 12 inches.  This equals 750 one foot by two feet sections. A bubble for your troubles Other …

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