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Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 causes heart problems

Covid-19 causes heart problems. There has been some reporting in the last several months that Covid-19 attacks different parts of the body leading to long-term inflammation.  The newest studies from Germany tell us that even when people survive even a mild case of Covid-19 there is the potential for heart problems in the future.

Here is the link to the article of heart problems and Covid-19.

Virus attacking organs is not unusual

There are viruses that attack every organ in the human body.  The virus most of us have heard about is Hepatitis A,B and C.  Hepatitis C is what you hear about because it causes scarring of the liver.  The scarring causes eventual liver failure and death.  Until Covid-19 the virus that worries doctors is Group Strep A throat infections which can lead to rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever causes permanent damage to the heart valves. Here is a link explaining how Group A strep can damage the heart.

A mask and avoiding people can stop Covid and possible heart problems

Everything you have heard about not wearing a mask is false.  A mask will help you not spread Covid-19 to others while other people wearing masks stops them from giving you Covid-19.  There have been too many stories about people believing Covid-19 is a hoax or a mask will hurt them.  This virus is real and will kill anyone that is susceptible to it.  The virus kills the elderly, the young and those who have no apparent health concerns.  Do not be the person who brings home the virus to your family causing the hospitalization or death of a loved one.

Covid-19 is here to stay

Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.  A virus does one thing and one thing extremely well.  It infects the host to make copies of itself to infect others.  There is nothing that will stop a virus unless there is a vaccine that provides long-term immunity.  Think of the Covid-19 vaccine the same way as the Small Pox, Tuberculous and Polio vaccines.  Those vaccines ended years of suffering and death for millions around the world.  The Covid-19 vaccine may do the same thing for this generation.

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Used Boxes for Sale

Used Boxes for sale

Used Boxes for Sale

Used Boxes for Sale.  Boxes Near Me has one-time use boxes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.   The vast majority of the boxes contained plastic containers or other dry goods.    The boxes are in like new condition.  All of the boxes have all their flaps with no rips, no tears and no punctures.

Save Money at Boxes Near Me

Boxes Near Me saves you money on used boxes.  Our high quality used boxes are typically 40% less than the boxes you can buy at the big box stores.   The boxes we sell are made from higher quality cardboard for more strength and durability.  The bottoms will not fall out when you lift our boxes as compared to the cheap boxes that are sold elsewhere.




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William Jennings Bryan Quote

William Jennings Bryan Quote

William Jennings Bryan Quote


When I first read this quote I could not stop laughing.  Bryan was an influential political figure in the 1890’s and 1900’s.  The effects of his time in congress are still felt to this day.

If you are interested in Bryan here is a link to the Wikipedia page.



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Shipping Boxes Near Me.

Shipping Boxes Near Me.

Shipping Boxes Near Me


Shipping Boxes Near Me.  Boxes Near Me has a large selection of New, Used, Printed and Unprinted shipping boxes.  Shipping boxes are made of stronger cardboard than a moving box.  Shipping boxes are designed to withstand the rough handling by UPS, FEDEX and USPS sorters.

Proper Sizing is Important

Choosing a box is like Goldilocks choosing a bed.  One box is too big. Another box is too small. The best box is just right.  We can help you find the just right box.  Choosing the right box is more than about the size.  Does the box have enough space extra padding.  Can the box support the weight of the object being shipped.  How well does the box resists puncturing from handling.  There are other criteria that may come into play if you are shipping on pallets.  For individual boxes stop by the Boxes Near Me warehouse for help choosing the correct box.

Cheap Boxes will cost you

As mentioned above there are different types of shipping boxes that may look the same but looks are deceiving.  A box made of lightweight cardboard is only good for shipping socks and paper.  If you are shipping electronics, glass or other fragile items shipping in a cheap box is like not having a box at all.  Do not cheap out on a box.  It will cost you more than you realize.

Trust the Box Experts

Boxes Near Me has years of experience finding the correct shipping box for your needs.  We have single wall, double wall and high strength cardboard boxes to fit most situations.  Boxes Near Me is your source for Shipping Boxes Near Me.


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Moving Boxes Near Me.

Shipping Boxes for Holidays

Moving Boxes Near Me

Moving Boxes Near Me.  Boxes Near Me has inexpensive moving boxes you need.  Moving is such a hassle.  On the list of the top ten stressors in life, moving is number three.  You do not need the added stress of spending too much of your hard earned money on boxes.

Save Money with Boxes Near Me

Boxes Near Me saves you 40% or more off the cost of boxes as compared to the big box stores.  The typical large moving box at a big box store or that place where you haul will cost you $1.68 each.  You can buy the same size box for $0.83 at Boxes Near Me with our Moving Special.

Moving Special makes Moving Easy

The Boxes Near Me will save you money on your move.  You will have a smile on your face when you see how much money you save with the Boxes Near Me Moving Special.  Our current moving special is 30 boxes for $25.  This works out to be $0.83 per box.  No other business that sells boxes even comes close.

One Stop Shop

What can make saving money even better?  Saving up to 50% on tape, packing paper and bubble wrap.    Make Boxes Near Me your one stop shop for all your moving and shipping needs. Moving Boxes Near me and so much more.


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New 14x12x12 Unprinted Box.

New Unprinted 14x12x12 Box

New 14x12x12 Unprinted Box

New 14x12x12 Unprinted Box.  The is box factory banded on factory pallet.  Each pallet has 300 boxes.  Over 20 pallets available. Individual boxes are $0.89.  Discount for pallet orders.  Delivery is available with minimum order.

This is a great box size for internet sellers, eBay sellers and Amazon Merchants.  You will want to stock up on this box before it sells out.  Do not miss out on the box.  You will save money on your shipping costs when you buy a pallet.  As always boxes are first come first sold.  We are unable to hold boxes.  Our terms are cash, business check or credit card.


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Monty Python’s Eric Idle

Monty Python’s Eric Idle

Monty Python’s Eric Idle.  Last night I turned on Netflix just because.  I had in my list a program call What about Dick?  I did not realize that Eric Idle had written the script, co-wrote all the songs and directed this program.  I was all in.

Who is Eric Idle?

Long time Monty Python Fans know Eric Idle.  He was a founding member of arguably the greatest comedy team in the history of sketch comedy. If Monty Python never existed shows very few of the comedy shows you know may have never existed. Here is a link listing the 40 greatest sketch comedy shows of all time. .  Eric Idle wrote and sang all the songs for Monthy Python and their movies.  The reson given by his cast members is he was the only one who could carry a tune.

What about Dick?

I do not want to give too much away as to not spoil the fun of watching.  This movie begins with the birth of a sex toy invented in Shagistan in 1898 by Deepak Obi Ben Kingsley (Eddie Izzard), and tells the story of the subsequent decline of the British Empire as seen through the eyes of a Piano (Eric Idle).  Link to full summary –

The cast is what makes this entire absurd thing work.  Here is a list of the cast.


Russell Brand

Billy Connolly

Tim Curry

Eric Idle

Eddie Izzard

Jane Leeves

Jim Piddock

Tracey Ullman

Sophie Winkleman

If you are a fan of comedy this will make you laugh out loud.  This is a great way to spend 90 minutes forgetting about your day.

Monty Python on Netflix

If you are interested in English humor and Monty Python in particular Netflix has the entire original series and all of the Monty Python movies.  After watching one or all of these you will never be wondering why people are laughing when they hear “now for something completely different” or “it’s just a flesh wound.”  You can laugh knowingly with everyone else. Monty Python’s Eric Idle


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The New Normal.

The New Normal

The New Normal.

The New Normal.  If this past weekend is any indication of what the rest of the year will be like I expect a very different holiday season.  Last year my wife and I would have visited family for a cookout. This year I traveled as far as my next door neighbor’s driveway to watch a birthday fireworks show.   The people who were not regulars sat at least 15 feet away.  A good time was had by all even with social distancing.

When will school start?

Gov. Ducey delayed the opening of school until at least August 17th.  The idea is to let schools create a plan to keep kids safe.  Is this really possible?  When was the last time you were around twenty children?  What was their attention span?  Will they wear a facemask all day?  What about all the parents and other people who think being told to wear a facemask is a violation of their constitutional rights.  Governors, mayors and private business owners can demand you wear a facemask.  It is not against the constitution.  If you believe this you need to reread the constitution.  Here is link explaining why a local or elected official can under force of law make you wear a mask.

What about a vaccine?

There is no vaccine that is ready today or in the next six months that will protect people from the Covid virus.  Yes there are several vaccines in early trials that have showed promise.  All of the vaccine trials to date have been tested on a few dozen people.  These are safety a efficacy trials.  As one scientist stated he has seen many vaccines fail as they have progressed into larger trials.  The reasons vaccines fail are many including not producing antibodies, not producing long-lasting antibodies and adverse reactions to the vaccine.  Even with a viable vaccine that does produce antibodies it will require that at least 70% to 90% of the entire population of the U.S. to be vaccinated for herd immunity.  As a reference the smallpox epidemic was finally eradicated worldwide in 1977 almost 20 years years after the WHO and nations of the world united to vaccinate every person in the world.

What to do until the world has a vaccine?

Unfortunately there are only containment procedures to control the Covid virus.  Wearing a mask and keeping your distance from people you do not know are the only proven methods to stop the spread of the virus.  No one wants to be responsible for their parents or grandparents contracting the virus that either kills them or leaves them with chronic health problems. The New Normal.  It will be here for many years even after we have a vaccine.