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Governors use citizens as lab rats.

Governors use citizens as lab rats.

The governors of Florida and Georgia have decide against the advice of the CDC and their own public health officials to open up their respective economies.  As a business owner I understand the anxiety of not having income.  I also understand the public health argument for waiting out the virus.  Are you willing to risk the health of your customers, employees and your families and yourself by opening too soon?

Effects of Covid-19 on the body.

We are all aware of the number of people who have died from Covid-19.  What is not talked about is the damage the virus causes to other parts of the human body that may be permanent. One of the effects of the virus that has taken doctors by surprise in the number of strokes in people between 20 and 50. In certain people which no ones if you fall into this group, develop life threatening inflammation in the arterial blood vessels in the brain and other parts of the body.  This is a link to a good article on this stroke phenomena.

A Cytokine Storm.

Cytokines plays vital roles in the body.  Cytokines are necessary for embryonic development, working with our immune system and various other processes.  Cytokines become dangerous when cells create too many of them.  An excess of cytokines attach the heart, lungs liver and other parts of the body causing permanent damage and even death.  Deaths attributed to the Spanish Flu of 1917 to 1918 and tuberculosis were caused in part by cytokine storms.  There is no way for doctors to know who may develop a cytokine storm. This a link to an article on cytokine storm.

How to protect yourself from Covid-19.

The only way to not catch Covid-19 is to isolate yourself.  As you have found out this is not a long-term solution.  Humans are social creatures who need interactions with other humans.  Here are few tips that may help you from contracting Covid-19.

  1. Wear a mask – cloth masks prevent you form touching your face. Use cloth mask once and then wash
  2. Wear a hat – Covid-19 can live on your hair. Wash hat after each use.
  3. Wear washable cloth gloves – Wash gloves after each use. Covid-19 can live on latex gloves.
  4. Remove your clothes and wash upon entering your house – Covid-19 can live on your clothes.
  5. Take a shower when you come home – Soap will kill all Covid-19 viruses on your body and hair
  6. Do not handle or pet friends animals – Covid-19 can live on animals fur
  7. Stay away from large groups of people.


Governors use citizens as lab rats.

We are in this new normal until humans develop herd immunity or a vaccine is available.  Until then you need to do your part in keeping your family, friends and society safe.  You are not a lab rat.

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Where is everyone going?

Where is everyone going?

Where is everyone going? 

Here in Phoenix my business partner and I have noticed that the traffic has steadily increased the past two weeks.  When the shutdown first started the lack of traffic on the roads reminded me of the zombie apocalypse.  Only without the zombies.   We were quite literally the one of the only cars on the new 202 westbound.  This past Thursday the I-17 was bumper to bumper going north at 3 pm in the afternoon. HUH! What is going on?

Out for a Sunday Drive?

Are more businesses opening or are people just tired of being at home?  Judging from the number of vehicles on the road I can guess there are people tired of staying at home.  You can only binge on Netflixs for so many hours before you butt starts to hurt.  The same goes with board and card games.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the house.  Last week I spoke to one my siblings.  He told me he took a drive just for something to do.  I can see that if you are driving around your neighborhood.  Do you really need to be on 1-17 at 2pm in the afternoon just to go for a drive?  If you have no place to go then stay off the highways at rush hour.

What Next?

There is growing pressure for Governor Ducey to reopen the economy.  This is in spite of the fact the number of confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise.  Arizona does not meet the CDC guidelines of 14 days of declining infections.  There is risk involved in opening the non-essential businesses.  Are you willing to put your parents, grandparents and young children at risk?  According to the CDC 30% of the deaths from coronavirus has occurred in people from 20 to 45 years old. Another 10 precent in the 6 to 18 year old age group have died.  The choice of course is yours whether you think the risks of contracting the coronavirus and passing it to your entire extended family is worth getting back to work a few weeks earlier.  Where is everyone going?

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Why is Soap the best for killing Coronavirus?

Why is Soap the best for killing Coronavirus? We have all been told over and over again to wash our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. No one really tells us why we need to use soap or why the minimum is 20 seconds. The answer is complicated because soap is more complex than it appears.

Here is a link to the best article I found explaining what soap is and how it works.

Below are selected excerpts. This article is a great way to teach your kids the value of soap.

What is Soap?

Soap has been a part of human cultural since Babylonians created it in 2800 B.C.E.

Soap is a mixture of fat or oil, water, and an alkali, or basic salt. The basic recipe for soap hasn’t changed for thousands of years. It’s still a combination of fat or oils with an alkali — basic ionic salt — and water. When those ingredients combine in the proper proportions, they go through a chemical process called saponification, which results in soap.

How Does Soap Work?

Soap kills viruses and removes bacteria on our hands.  This is an important point for several reasons.  The most important being is viruses and bacteria CANNOT develop drug resistance to soap.

When you wash your hands with soap, the soap molecules act as a mediator between the water and oil molecules, and bind with both of them at the same time. Then when you rinse everything off, the soap carries away the germs with the water.

Soap versus the Coronavirus.

Viruses by their very nature are simple.  They have RNA surrounded by a fatty membrane (shell).  When soap encounters this fatty membrane it dissolves the membrane effectively killing the the coronavirus.  There is not a drug or any other treatment that kills viruses in this way.  Soap is the most effective way of preventing the transmission of a virus from your hands or body to your eyes, nose and mouth (mucous membranes).

Soap: a household cleaner.

Soap is good for more than washing the dishes. Soap can also be used to clean the hard surfaces in your house.  This will destroy all the viruses on the hard surfaces but will save you money by not using expensive wipes or sprays. You can use 1/8 to 1/4 cup of dish soap or hand soap in two gallons of water as a cleaning and disinfecting solution.