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Governors use citizens as lab rats.

Coronavirus may be a problem.  If you are following the news you have undoubtedly heard of the Coronavirus that started out in China.  This virus is similar to SARS and MERS in that it was transmitted from live animals to humans in an illegal live food market in China.  The market sold live predatory animals …

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Pets are good for you. 

I began to understand cats once we adopted our first two kittens.  One was a male orange cat she named Garfield. The other was a female calico I named Furgey.   Having a kitten curl up in my lap and purr until she fell asleep was an emotional experience.  Since that moment we have always had at least two cats in the house.

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A Difference of Opinion

A Difference of Opinion. Last week my brother and I were talking about different Netflix shows we were watching.  We agreed that the series Another Life is aimed directly at millennial’s.  From the idea that there are no uniforms to not having a chain of command and the incessant whining that seems to define this generation.  …

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Being a Joker is depressing. 

Being a Joker is depressing.  Okay, I read all the reviews of the movie Joker. I watched the movie this weekend.  I was not entertained.  The movie is a study of main character’s descent into madness. This type of movie has been done many times over the years.  While I agree Joaquin Phoenix gave a …

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Success depends on your age

  Your definition of Success depends on your age.   Where do you fall in this success chart?  

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Holiday Traffic Reprieve is Over.

Holiday Traffic Reprieve is Over.  My business partner and I commute to work together everyday.  He was not aware of the extent that schools and colleges add to the daily traffic congestion on the highways and surface streets.  As an experiment I asked him to pay attention to what happens as the school and colleges …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Another year has ended and a new one has begun.  My wife keeps telling me that the new year has come by so fast.  I keep telling her that it happens the same time every year.  My thought on why humans perceive time as going more quickly is when every experience is …

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