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Reorganization is always Necessary

Reorganization is always Necessary.  This time of year many businesses experience a seasonal slowdown due to the holidays.  Many businesses use this time to d0 maintenance, take inventory and reorganize. Boxes Near Me is no different.  The warehouse Supervisor and myself are reorganizing the warehouse to make it more efficient.  Improving efficiency will have benefit our customers.  

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Santa means At NSA

Santa means AT NSA.  How else is Santa able to see who is good and who is bad?  This should make yo think twice about doing anything even remotely naughty.  

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Baby it's cold outside. 

The Jet Stream is a river of high speed air that circulates around the globe.  It keeps the frigid arctic air in Canada and the northern tier states.  A normal winter this is exactly what happens.  Arizona is usually warm and dry when the jet stream stay in the north.  Years when the Jet Stream drops into the southwest we enjoy a cold winter.  

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A Music Joke for Musicians

A Joke for Musicians An E-flat walks into a bar. the bartender yells “get out of here, we do not serve minors.”

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Echoes of the Canyon  

Echoes of the Canyon is a film tracing the history of American pop music in the early 1960’s.  The center of this universe was Laurel canyon in California.  The film blends concert footage with interviews with surviving members of the bands from that time.  If you have ever wanted to know the who, what, where, …

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