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Do you want to live forever? 

Do you want to live forever?  Immortality has fascinated humans for thousands of years.  From Emperor Chin the first Emperor of China, the ancient Egyptians, the quest for the fountain of youth by Juan Ponce de León humans, especially the wealthy, want to live for as long as they could. 

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Red Meat. Good or Bad?

Red Meat. Good or Bad?  Another study was released earlier this month telling the world that red meat is good for you.  This is after all of the negative news over the last 30 years claiming red meat is bad for humans.  Is red meat good, bad or is it something else entirely?  If you  …

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Can the government limit a public servants free speech?

Can the government limit a public servants free speech?  As a veteran of the armed services I had my right to free speech limited because of security concerns and for proper functioning of the chain of command.  In the age of social media where people want others to know of their political ideology, is it …

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Yes, that wild animal is cute and it will bite you

Yes, that wild animal is cute and it will bite you.  I am not sure why I am surprised when another story of a person harassing or feeding wild animals ends with that person hurt.  Wild means just that.  An animal no matter how small or apparently defenseless will use all of its weapons to …

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How to protect yourself on Amazon

How to protect yourself on Amazon.  Amazon is one of the biggest retail operations in America. Does this mean Amazon can protect the consumer from expired food or other possibly dangerous products?If you are buying from one of many third party sellers on Amazon, if something is out of date or dangerous you have little recourse with the seller or Amazon.

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Old technology causes problems for me

She excitedly told me she liked the mix of music played on 92.7.  The problem is she could not hear the station on her cheap Sony headphones.  This radio station is an AM station in simulcasting on FM.  The signal strength is not the best.

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Everyone complains about the next generation

As a parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle you are members of the biggest club in the world.  You do not understand you children.  The quotes below may bring you some comfort in that you are not alone.

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A little less Stranger Things

There are more than a few things I found eye rolling if not completely unrealistic.  Yes even more unrealistic things than a creature from another dimension who wants to take over the earth. 

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Pumpkin Spice - Really? 

Pumpkin Spice – Really?  Last week my wife thought she would surprise me by bring home pumpkin spice bagels.  I am not one to put up a fuss about one flavor over another.  I am fine with plain bagels as with about any flavor.  Before I ate the bagel I read the ingredients panel on the bag.  Funny thing is I did not see one mention of pumpkin and spice flavoring in the ingredient list.

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What not to do on social media

What not to do on social media should be a mandatory course for anyone who is old enough to use a smartphone or a computer.  When cell phones first became cheap enough for the average person to afford I would hear stories about people drunk dialing someone they knew. Next when texting became free I …

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